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Great Seal of California
The Californias

Golden Gate from Berkeley Hills
SF Bay

Coyote Creek Trail south of San Jose
Bay Area Biking

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve
Bay Area Hiking

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad, Oak Meadow Park, Los Gatos
Places for Young Kids

Light experiment, Exploratorium, San Francisco
Places for Older Kids

Campground at New Brighton State Beach near Santa Cruz
Family Camping

Heart's Desire Beach, Tomales Bay State Park
Best Swimming

Carmel Beach
Favorite Beaches

Golden Gate Bridge from Marin Headlands
Best Views

Rrussian Gulch Cove
North Coast

UC Santa Barbara Marine Science Lab and campus beach
Santa Barbara

  ay Area Back Pages* are Web pages I've created to provide information on the San Francisco Bay Area and California. My name is Ron Horii. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in San Jose at the southern rim of Silicon Valley. I've done a lot of travelling,Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Pointsightseeing, hiking, biking, fishing, and camping in the Bay Area and other places around California.. I'm an avid shutterbug, and I have tons of photographs from the many places I've been to. My wife and I have raised 2 children who are now grown up. Over the years, we've taken them to playgrounds, museums, theme parks, and other places. In these Web pages, I hope to share some of my travel experiences, pictures, and advice on where to take children to keep them amused. I hope it helps people looking for things to do in the Bay Area and California. Click on the pictures to go to that page. The ones on the left are the biggest. Hiking and Biking are split into many separate pages. Other pages are listed on the right. Click on the buttons at the right to go to those pages.

* The title of this page was inspired by Bay Area Backroads, a KRON-TV series that covered travel through the Bay Area and beyond. Sadly, the program was canceled, so links to those programs will not work.

About the logo:

My new logo above contains the pictures of the following areas, starting from the left: 

Update Notes:

  • Home page created 10/2/97. New layout and design using Symantec Visual Page: 2/7/99. Updated 3/5/99. 
  • "Cheap Eats With Great Views" updated 2/4/99 
  • Major upgrade to "The North Coast and the Redwood Empire" 1/31/99, page relayout in the works. 
  • Added pictures to "What to Do With Teenagers" 1/31/99 
  • Minor changes to "Best Places to Take Young Children" 1/31/99 
  • Added pictures to "The Central Valley" 1/31/99 
  • Major cleanup and update to links on "Tech Pages: Scanning" 1/27/99 
  • "Bay Area Biking" is now the biggest section, with almost 200 new pictures. The Los Gatos Creek Trail alone is a major photo essay, split into 5 Web pages. Last update 1/26/99. 
  • The "North Coast" section has been greatly expanded into 5 Web pages with much more information and using the home page template, 2/99. 
  • Added link to San Francisco Web Ring 5/27/99
  • 10/4/00: Bay Area Back Pages was on TV! Thanks TechNow! If you go to KNTV's (channel 11 in San Jose) TechNow! Website and click on the September 30, 2000 archive, Realplayer will come up to replay the show. (You need to have the Realplayer plug-in installed on  your computer.) If you move to the 23:48 time point by moving the  slider at the top, or just wait for that amount of time, you'll see them talking about this webpage. One correction: I live in San Jose, not San Francisco, not that I'd mind living there. 
  • 10/4/00 - New stuff - My New Pages: I haven't been updating these pages on Prodigy.net, since I used up all my alotted space on Prodigy. (Hey Prodigy, I need more space!) I've got new Web pages on Yahoo Geocities, called "Ron Horii's San Francisco Bay Recreation and Travel Pages." I also created a Web site for the Friends of Santa Teresa Park and pages on Santa Teresa Park itself.  Lately, I've been working on guided photo tours for ABAG's Bay Trail Project. You'll see these links on the right.
  • 7/4/01 - made corrections, added more links to my new pages on the right.
  • 7/22/01 - I found out I got more space. Thanks, Prodigy. Now I can update these pages. I updated and added links to my California Parks page. I fixed all the stale links in my North Coast Parks page. The state parks Website was reorganized, causing all my old links to give an ominous "security alert" message.
  • 7/22/01 - I started a new Website called Bay Area Parks. I plan to use it for in-depth descriptions of parks, with pictures. The first park on that page is Arastradero Preserve in Palo Alto.
  • 7/22/01 - I received a report that the backgrounds on some of my older pages made the text hard to read. I found this was true when I switched my video to 16-color mode, but in 256-color mode or higher, there was no problem. If you have problems, make sure you are in 8-bit mode or higher. I don't know if certain video cards or monitors will still have problems. Let me know if you do.
  • 7/25/01 - Updated and added new links to the North Coast Links page
  • 7/28/01 - Updated, added new links and detailed descriptions to the Best Places to Take School-Age Children page.
  • 10/09 - Yahoo killed geocities.com, so any links to Geocities pages will not work. I migrated my Geocities pages to my new website, rhorii.com. See the note on the Geocities migration.
  • 7/24/11 - AT&T killed the Prodigy Personal Web Pages, effectively wiping out the original site. Archives of the site can still be found in the Internet Archive, from May 1, 2009. This page is an attempt to re-create this site on my personal website, rhorii.com. However, this is an old site. I don't have time to update all the pages, so many of them will likely have lots of stale links and some outdated information. Still, some things never change, so there should be much relevant information to be found here.
  • 8/1/11 Updated some links on this page.

What to Do With Teens

Essay on Open Space

How Green Is My Valley

Scenic Drives

Cheap Eats
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Gold Country

Central Valley


My Tech Pages

Here are some pages that I started for answering some technical questions of friends, relatives, and co-workers.: 



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SF Bay Area Rec & Travel Page

Friends of Santa Teresa Park

Santa Teresa Park Pages

New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association

Almaden Quicksilver Park

Edgewood County Park

Bay Trail Pages

Spring Lake, Santa Rosa

UCSB Pictures

College Tours

Travel FAQs

Bay Area Parks

Arastradero Preserve

Santa Teresa Hills

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