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Shady section of Sawyer Camp Trail

I like to go bicycling, but with my skinny-tired high-geared road bike, I prefer riding flat, smooth, dedicated bike paths. These are special ones that are particularly well-suited for road biking. Because they're flat, most of them are also good for family bike rides. Because they're away from traffic, they're relatively safe for kids. Some follow along creekbeds. Others go near San Francisco Bay and are part of the developing San Francisco Bay Trail. Someday I'll get a mountain bike and tackle some of the steeper unpaved trails. Since I prefer to hike these trails, you can read about many of these in my hiking pages. In the meantime, here are some good places to go biking in my part of the world. Each one of these links connects to my page on each trail. These are trails that I've been biking on and have lots of pictures of the areas. For other biking trails, see my links page below.

Coyote Creek Trail Coyote Creek Trail

San Jose to Morgan Hill

Los Alamitos Creek Los Alamitos Creek Trail

San Jose's Almaden Valley

Bridge over Los Gatos Creek Los Gatos Creek Trail, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Los Gatos, Campbell, and San Jose

Boardwalk over Main Marsh, Coyote Hills Regional Park Coyote Hills Regional Park


Alameda Creek Trail


Sunnyvale Baylands Park lawn and playground Sunnyvale Baylands

Sunnyvale Baylands Park and surrounding areas

Mountain View Shoreline Lake at sunset Shoreline at Mountain View to Palo Alto Baylands

Bayshore and parks from Mountain View to Palo Alto

Start of Sawyer Camp Trail near Crystal Springs Reservoir Crystal Springs Area

Near Woodside, Hillsborough, and Belmont

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters


Boardwalk over Chicago Marsh from Environmental Center, Alviso San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge


Bay Trail sign along trail in Fremont
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Bicycling Links

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